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Bemposta do Campo

Bemposta do Campo

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Bemposta is a hamlet located in Penamacor County in central Portugal. Though one of the smallest villages in the region, it is the richest in history and culture. It is said to have been founded by Muslims who had given it to the Templar Order in the Middle Age.

In the past, walls had surrounded the entire hamlet, but today only traces of this can be seen with the exception of some stones from the castle tower.
In 1510 it became a village chartered by king D. Manuel I, and had remained as a municipality until 1836. In that year, the administration was restructured by Mouzinho de Albuquerque and the council of Bemposta was eliminated by making it a constituent of Monsanto. In 1848, and until today, it is part of Penamacor County.
It once held the prestigious position as the region’s headquarters when the name of Bemposta do Campo was bestowed upon it – but over the years forgotten.

Population: Around 120

Area: 9996 Km2

Main Activities: Agriculture, olive growing and tin production

Religious Festivities and Parades: Nossa Senhora da Silva (Our Lady of the Silva celebrated on August 15) and Santo Sebastião (Saint Sebastiao in September)

Patrimony: “Pelourinho (Stone monument symbolizing Bemposta’s historical and judicial significance) and Domvs Municipalis (ancient courthouse),” several significant churches, Roman bridges, a clock tower, “Santa Comba (statue of revered saint) and Salgueira fountains (stone fountains).”

Gastronomy: Ham, cheese, smoked sausage, lamb stew, rice pudding and a variety of baked goods.

Handicraft: A wide array of objects made of wood and straw, such as stools, chairs and brooms as well as iron objects like pans, pots and small water pots.

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